Great Advice For Customizing Wire Mesh For Sifting Operations

If you're designing a custom sifter for sifting operations around a particular environment, you'll need to be meticulous with how the wire mesh materials are put together. They're one of the most important parts of the sifter, after all. Here are some tips that can give you a smooth wire mesh customization process.

Review Existing Catalog of Wire Mesh First

When you have wire mesh customized for a sifter, it's going to take a little more time to get and also the costs may be more. That's why it's a good precaution to first look through a wire mesh supplier's catalog to see if there is anything that would satisfy your sifting needs.

There might already be wire mesh that's made out of the right materials and has the right opening orientation to where you can order stock wire mesh. If not, at least you'll have confidence knowing custom wire mesh is truly needed.

Perform Analysis Before Choosing a Weave Pattern

Customizing wire mesh for a sifter gives you the chance to choose from many weave patterns. However, it might be best to perform analysis on this spec so that you can make the right choice that supports your sifting operations perfectly.

For instance, you can find a custom wire mesh provider and use their simulation software. Then you'll be able to test out different weave patterns in a digital way, giving you an idea of performance qualities that you could get with your custom order. 

Use Preliminary Samples if Unsure

If simulations and structural analysis don't help you choose the appropriate weave pattern for custom wire mesh, another thing you can do is ask a wire mesh supplier for some preliminary samples. Then you can work with them for as long as you want until you're sure about their properties.

Taking this approach takes the guesswork out of this purchase because you'll prove certain weave patterns work before ordering custom wire mesh in larger quantities for sifters. Just make sure your tests are set up appropriately for these preliminary samples, so that you can acquire helpful insights that improve your chances of getting the perfect selection.

If you have a sifting project that is particularly unique, you can support it with custom wire mesh. There are a lot of manufacturers that take custom orders and can satisfy your exact needs. Just make sure you find out what they are before starting the customization process.

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