4 Common Boiler Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Your manufacturing facility relies on its boiler to maintain comfortable temperatures during the coolest months of the year. Unfortunately, unexpected boiler repairs can really take your budget for a loop. The good news is that most major boiler problems can be avoided with a little care and maintenance. By avoiding some of the most common boiler maintenance mistakes, you can keep yours in top shape throughout the year.

Skipping the Annual Inspection

Perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining your boiler is simply having it inspected and serviced by a professional at least once a year. In most climates, the best time to have an inspection done is during the fall just before you need to begin using the boiler. An annual inspection is a great way to keep your boiler tuned up and to be made aware of any problems that need addressed, regardless of whether they're major or minor ones.

Ignoring Small Problems/Repairs

Speaking of problems, it's important to have repairs done on your boiler as soon as possible--no matter how minor the issue may be. A lot of times, people will put of small repairs thinking they're not a priority, only to be surprised when a small problem turns into a major and costly repair. Staying on top of small repairs will help keep your boiler running efficiently and reliably.

Letting the Boiler Run out of Fuel

Many boilers are connected to a natural gas line, which is convenient because it saves you from having to worry about fuel levels. If your boiler is not connected to a gas line, however, you will need to make sure the tank has fuel at all times. A dry tank can lead to all kinds of maintenance problems, so try to keep it at least a quarter of the way full to avoid these issues.

Leaving Temperatures Too Cool Overnight

While it may be tempting to let temperatures in your facility drop overnight to save on heating costs, this can actually put a lot of wear and tear on your boiler that can lead to the need for premature repairs and replacement. While there's nothing wrong with letting temperatures drop a couple degrees overnight, it's best to keep things pretty consistent.

A little bit of care and maintenance goes a long way when it comes to caring for your facility's boiler, so be sure to avoid these common maintenance mistakes. Talk to a company like Schweitzer Roger & Sons for more help.

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