A Few Things To Try When Your LMI Metering Pump Won't Prime

When you need to have different chemicals or fluids injected into your production process, you need to be sure that the exact amounts are getting put in at the right time. This is where your LMI metering pump comes into play. Of course, like all industrial parts, a pump can have problems that can put a stop in production or cause faulty materials to be created. When the pump won't prime or keeps losing its prime, you will not be getting enough chemicals into the mixture. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get a keep a prime.

Moved Foot Valve

It is important that the pipe and valve that brings the fluid into the tube is situated correctly on the bottom of the tank. It needs to be completely vertical. If you notice this tube at a slight angle or is bent so that it does not rest on the bottom, you will need to straighten or replace it. When the tube and valve are off, the liquid cannot be sucked up at the correct speed/stroke ratio. Changing the ratio may allow the pump to prime initially but will keep it losing the prime.

Check the Outlet Dials

The easiest to repair problem is when the outlet dials are not properly set. It is possible vibrations from the machine cause the dials to move slightly causing the pump to attempt to work at the wrong ratios. This will result in losing the prime. Refer to the machines manual to determine how the stroke and speed need to be set for the chemicals you are using. 

Suction Lift

The pipes and tubing need to be the proper length, or the lift will be too high for the pump to pull anything in. You will need to find a way to reduce the lift; this can be by putting a small platform in the tank to raise the foot valve. You could also lower the side of the tank or cut a notch in it to thread the piping through. 

Do not assume that you need to replace the pump because it will not prime or stay primed. Try to figure out why it is not working properly and fix that problem. In many cases, it is possible to watch the pump in action and figure out what is wrong. Once you know the true problem, you can fix it and have the chemicals delivered properly.

For more information, contact your local LMI Roytronic Metering Pump professionals. 

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