What To Look For In A Good Construction Cleanup Service After A Demolition

You have a structure on a piece of property that must be removed, so you know demolition is in order. In most cases, the actual demolition of a building is the easy part; the hard work comes in when the mess has to be cleaned up after deconstruction is over with. You may choose to tackle the cleanup process on your own, but it is a much better idea to hire a third-party construction cleanup company for this part of the project. But how do you find the best company for the job? Here's a look at some of the questions you should ask to ensure you find the best company. 

Does the company provide its own waste receptacles?

If you are working with a self-contractor who only does construction cleanup as a side job, you may be expected to provide dumpsters and waste receptacles for them. On the other hand, if you work with a construction cleanup service who specializes in this kind of work, they will come to you staffed and ready, and they will ensure they provide every necessary receptacle for waste collection. You may already have a dumpster on site for your own waste needs, but it is much better to allow the cleanup company to handle contracting rented dumpsters and paying for the waste bills involved. 

Does the company recycle what materials they can?

Construction salvage services should be a part of the cleanup process if you are working with an admirable company. Because so much waste can come from construction and demolition projects, these companies will go to great lengths to ensure there is as little waste as possible. The best companies will arrive on site with containers designated for recyclable materials, and you will not have to worry about doing any prior sorting for them to take care of it.  

Does the company have the flexibility to come when you need them?

The longer a bunch of debris sits after a property or structural demolition, the more likely it will be that the mess gets spread out by looters or become a nuisance to neighboring property owners. Therefore, you will definitely want a construction cleanup service that is capable of working with your schedule to be available as soon as possible to start the cleanup process. Some companies that offer construction cleanup in your area stay pretty booked up, and they may even require a lengthy advance notice just to get to you in time. 


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