Concrete Products For Your Home Worth Considering

So, you're thinking of doing some remodeling? It sounds like an excellent plan to build value for your home and make things more attractive or even functional. While you are skimming the internet in search of the perfect countertops for the kitchen, that beautiful new flooring for the den, and that desirable tile for your bathroom, make sure you stop and consider one other material: concrete. Concrete is far more versatile and far more in-home friendly than what you may know it to be from the past. Here are a few concrete products for your home that are well worth your consideration during a remodel. 

Concrete Stairways

Believe it or not, you don't have to go with wooden stairs if you want a new look, and concrete stairs are no longer just an outdoor fixture. You can have stairs installed inside of your home with concrete. Of course, these interior stairways are nowhere near the plain grey slabs you may be picturing; the different finishing techniques can grant you everything from concrete stairs that look like smooth marble to textured stone. 

Concrete Bathroom Concepts

Imagine a bathroom that feels like a modern spa, wards off moisture like it's nothing, and looks like it stepped out of a home-design magazine and took shape. If you choose a bathroom finished out and outfitted with concrete, that's exactly what you can have. From the floors and walls to the counters, the room can be made to look like a spa room with a slick, stone-like finish. Unlike tile that is laid in pieces, concrete goes in place in one piece, which means the whole room could appear seamless.

Concrete Cabinetry 

One of the newer players in the concrete product industry, concrete cabinetry is showing up in well-designed kitchens and bathrooms all over the country. This cabinetry is created from solid and finished slabs and pieced together after delivery right in your home. The end product is cabinets that look highly modern, oftentimes with sleek finishes. However, when mingled with rustic wooden door panels and some snazzy hardware, these cabinets are versatile in style. Plus, they can last longer than wood. 

With concrete often disregarded as an industrial or outdoor material, it often gets passed over by homeowners ready for some interior changes, but it really shouldn't be. Reach out to a concrete products supplier in your area to find out other ways concrete can transform your home, or contact a business like Pendleton Ready Mix Inc.

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