Looking to Sell a Junk Car? Answers to Title-Related Questions You May Have About This Process

When an older car breaks down, it is not always worth it to repair it. If your car needs repairs that are higher than the value of the car, you may find yourself wondering what to do with the car. Selling the car as a junk car allows you to get some money for the car without having to repair it. This is because junk car buyers buy the car to sell off the usable parts and recycle the rest for the scrap metal content. If you have never sold a junk car before, you may have many questions about doing so.

Here are three title-related questions you may have when selling off your junk car. 

Can You Sell a Junk Car Without the Title?

Unfortunately, there is not a yes or no answer to this question. Some junk car buyers are able to access registration and title databases. These buyers are able to buy your junk car without the title, once they can verify that you do indeed own the car. Other junk car buyers do not have access to this system. These buyers will be unable to purchase a junk car from you without the title. As such, it is important to call different junk car buyers and ask if they can buy your car without the title if you cannot find it. If you cannot find a buyer to buy it from you, you will have to get another copy from your local DMV office. 

Can You Sell a Junk Car if There Are Two Names on the Title?

If multiple people own the junk car that you are looking to purchase, both will need to be present to sign the title or paperwork over to the junk car buyer. This helps to ensure that one party does not sell a car that another party may not want to sell. 

Can You Sell a Junk Car if There Is an Outstanding Loan on the Car?

If there are any outstanding loans or liens on the car, the title will be in the lenders name, not your name. If this is the case, a junk car buyer will be unable to buy your car from you until the lender or lien holder releases the title and transfers it into your name. Typically, the loan must be paid off in order for this to happen. 

Getting answers to the questions you have about selling a junk car will help you to better understand the process and make the process go as smoothly as possible. In order to sell a junk car, anyone listed on the title will need to be present and there can be no outstanding loans or liens on the car. If you do not have the title, be sure to contact the junk car buyer. Some may be able to process the sale without the pink slip or title, while others may require it. 

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