Create A Small Outdoor Pond That Has A Fountain In Its Center

Create a small outdoor pond that has a fountain in the center of it by completing the steps below. Once you have completed the project, enjoy the water feature as you relax in a lounge chair or sit in a chair that is part of your outdoor dining set.


  • power source
  • rake
  • kid-sized pool
  • ground marking paint
  • shovel
  • tamping tool
  • pond liner
  • decorative rocks (various sizes)
  • waterproof spray foam
  • cement block or bricks
  • plastic planter
  • power drill
  • submersible water pump
  • rubber tubing
  • waterproof epoxy
  • garden hose
  • artificial or real aquatic plants

Create A Pond And Arrange Rocks

Rake a portion of your property that you would like to install the pond in. Choose a flat, level surface that is located near a power source. Place a kid-sized pool on the section of the land that you have chosen. Apply ground marking paint around the perimeter of the pool's base. Dig into the ground with a large shovel in order to remove sod and weeds. Make the hole as deep and wide as the kid-sized pool. Flatten the base of the pool with a tamping tool.

Line the bottom of the hole with a pond liner. Place a layer of decorate rocks around the pond in order to conceal the pond liner and help hold it in place. Apply waterproof spray foam in gaps that are located between rocks in order to give the decorative layer a uniform and attractive appearance. Wait for the foam to dry. 

Add A Pump And Tubing

Place a submersible water pump in the pond, next to one of the interior walls. Attach one end of a piece of rubber tubing to the side of a pump by pressing it firmly over the piece of the pump that it needs to be connected to. Place a cement block or a couple bricks that are stacked on top of each other in the center of the pond.

Use a power drill to create a hole in the bottom of a plastic planter. Make sure that the hole is wide enough for the opposite end of the rubber tubing to fit into. Insert the end of the tubing through the hole in the planter's base. Seal both ends of the tubing with waterproof epoxy. Wait for the epoxy to harden. Place the flower pot on top of the cement block or stacked bricks. 

Fill The Pond And Plug In The Pump

Use a garden hose to fill the pond with water. Place artificial or real aquatic plants inside of the pond. Plug in the water pump and turn the unit on. As water is carried through the tubing, the planter will be filled with water. Once the water reaches the rim of the planter it will run down the sides of the container, resembling a standard fountain. For more information, talk to a professional like SPRAY FOAM DISTRIBUTORS.

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