3 Tips For Buying And Using Custom Built Shopping Carts

If you run any sort of business that deals in merchandise and retail, you will want to keep your business stocked with plenty of durable carts. You could always order shopping carts that are prefabricated, but if you want equipment that is custom made for your business and the merchandise that you need, you should instead opt to purchase a custom built cart. There are some custom metal fabrication contractors, like those at Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating Inc., that can build these carts for you, so read on to learn more. 

Locate The Best Custom Metal Fabrication Contractor

There are a lot of metal fabrication companies that specialize in things like shopping carts, so you should begin reaching out to see the type of work that they do. You will first need to figure out the ideal specifications of the cart that you need. Since you are custom building them, you will be able to build a cart to whichever size best serves you. Once you go over some design ideas, seek bids from various metal fabrication shops to know how much a new car will cost you. In most cases, a custom fabricated shopping cart will cost you between about $100 to more than $250. Be sure that the metal shop presents its license and insurance policy so that you can trust the work that they provide. 

Make Your Parking Lot And Shopping Cart Storage Area Safe

Once you sign a contract for a custom metal fabrication shop to build you some shopping carts, you should begin preparing your parking lot. Build shopping cart storage areas that will secure the carts so that they don't roll out, and to protect against theft. For best results, you should set up a covered cart return area, so that it is safe from precipitation and sun damage. You may also opt to re-paint your lot so that the directions are clear and so traffic flows smoothly. Since more than 20,000 kids are hurt each year with shopping cart injuries, do all that you can to safeguard the carts and the parking lot. 

Protect Yourself From Liabilities 

With any custom equipment used by the public, you'll need to protect yourself from legal liabilities. Post safety tips and warnings on the carts or in place where carts are stored. Quickly phase out any shopping carts that are damaged or broken, so that the public is only using quality carts in good condition. Further, keep your general liability insurance current. If you don't currently have one, you can buy a liability policy for about $500 and include information about your carts so that you are fully protected against claims. 

Put these tips to good use so that your business is well equipped with the carts that you need. 

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